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We are prepared to fight for the consumer wherever the average person needs protection.  Compromise, mediation and settlement are always honorable objectives, and we attempt to bring business organizations and the consumer together in a solution that benefits everyone.  But where no compromise can be reached, we are ready for the good fight.

Lender Liability Litigation

Unfortunately, the ordinary family is often poorly served by the financial institutions on which we all depend.

One of today’s greatest tragedies, involving personal suffering and economic loss, is the failure of banks to assist borrowers in restructuring mortgages.  The financial collapse of 2008, and the ensuing recession, has caused great dislocation in the real estate market.  Many homeowners have lost jobs, suffered from lower wages or reduced hours, and faced the consequences of mortgages that are “under water” because the bank’s secured debt is substantially greater than the fair market value of the property.

The Firm actively pursues lawsuits against lenders to enforce their duty to act responsibly toward homeowners.  Most of these legal cases are brought in state court, but the Firm is also prepared to carry on the lawsuit if it is removed to federal court.

Suing the lender is an effective way to make the banks recognize that borrowers are not powerless.  The average person can be effectively represented in court.  Often suing the lender is the only way to make it extend consideration to its customers. Through the power of litigation, the ordinary person can bring the large institution to the bargaining table.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Credit Cards & Medical Bills

 Many hard-working honest people run into financial difficulty through no fault of their own.  A divorce, job layoff, or medical problems can push you over the edge financially.  You may think, “How will I ever get out from under this mountain of debt?”  But this seemingly unending hardship has a solution.  By filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy you can get debt relief, stop the threat of foreclosure or repossession, and have more disposable income. 


Lucid Law, PLC can help you take control of your financial future.  We will evaluate your situation in a free consultation and determine whether it is best for you to file under chapter 7 or chapter 13.  Both options may free you from your debts and give you a fresh financial start.  Chapter 7 is ideal for people without significant assets who need a fresh start.

With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can:

·         Eliminate credit card debt

·         Eliminate taxes more than 3 years old

 ·         Eliminate medical and other unsecured debts

 ·         Free up income that used to go  towards payments on your credit cards

·         Keep your house, car and personal possessions if you current in payments for them 

·         Begin rebuilding your credit score

·         Start a fresh financial start in life.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reorganizations

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding is a powerful way to protect the borrower and allow a restructuring of financial obligations.  An “automatic stay” is imposed by the filing of a bankruptcy case, and the lender cannot foreclose on the debtor’s property without convincing a federal bankruptcy judge that a relief from stay should be granted.

In a successful Chapter 13 proceeding, the debtor has several years in which to make up for overdue mortgage payments.  Second liens on the debtor’s residence can be eliminated if such liens are “under water” and the home is worth less than the obligation secured by the first trust deed.  By bringing “motions to value,” the Firm can also assist the borrower by reducing the mortgages on rental properties to the current market value of the rental real estate.

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