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It is an unfortunate reality that many ordinary families are often very poorly served by the very financial institutions on which we all depend in our everyday lives. We believe that one of today’s greatest tragedies, involving both personal suffering and sometimes severe economic loss, is the unconscionable failure of banks to properly assist borrowers in restructuring mortgages. The financial collapse of 2008, and the subsequent recession, has caused a great deal of dislocation in the real estate market. Many hardworking homeowners have lost jobs, suffered due to lower wages or reduced hours, and faced the horrible consequences of mortgages that are “under water” because the bank’s secured debt is substantially greater than the fair market value of the property. Our litigation lawyer near Upland is here to help families fight back against lender injustice.

Effective Litigation Lawyers near Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario

Our talented litigation attorneys around Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario actively pursue lawsuits against lenders that have failed in their duty to act responsibly and ethically toward homeowners. Lender litigation eliminates the need to deal directly with the lender and helps you avoid a difficult, drawn out process. Litigation leaves your lender no alternative but to hire an attorney to respond to your complaint. This results in dialogue among attorneys on both sides that is often very effective in resolving the matter quickly and in a satisfactory manner. While a vast majority of these legal cases are brought in state court, our firm is also fully prepared to carry on any lawsuit if it is removed to federal court.

We firmly believe that suing irresponsible lenders is an effective way to make the banks understand that borrowers are not at all powerless. The average person can, and should, be effectively represented in court. Through the power of well-managed litigation, an “ordinary person” can bring large institutions such as banks to the bargaining table.

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