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A boundary dispute is when owners from adjacent properties may dispute where one property begins and another property ends. It’s usually the result of a remodeling problem or a fence that might be a few feet “over the line.” Essentially, the argument they are having is over the ownership of the property. This is based on unclear property lines and it can happen in areas where there are large parcels of land.

How does a boundary dispute start?

Typically, a property dispute may begin when one party that owns a parcel of land erects a fence and the other party, i.e., their next door neighbor, disputes the validity of the property line and where the fence should reside. It can at times be difficult to erect a fence specifically based on boundary lines if there are a lot of acres involved. There have been cases where handymen, carpenters, or fence installers have not properly erected fences as they did not have the proper surveying of the lot lines.

A similar dispute can result from property lines that may involve shrubs, bushes and trees. These may have been used as a way to section off the land, but if it’s determined that the screening or fenced effect from hedges or trees was inaccurate, it can at times lead to a property dispute.

Yet another scenario is when paving is involved. A paving company may create a driveway that extends over a property’s boundary line and it can cut into the neighboring property. As the pavement is on the second party’s property, this may lead to a property dispute that may need to be rectified in court.

When is it advisable to hire a lawyer?

With property disputes, it’s always advisable to speak with an attorney because you don’t want a small dispute with your neighbor to escalate and get out of hand. At the Law Offices of Phillip Myer, we will be able to determine the property owner’s boundary lines based on the address issued and then determine how to resolve the conflict. That way you have a legal expert who can help you rectify the matter before you have further conflicts with your neighbor.

If your neighbor approaches you for the first time about a property line, the main goal is to stay calm and contact our office so we can research the property lines for you. That way when you speak with your neighbor, you can give them the evidence you need and this can avoid an altercation. At times, neighbors wrongly claim they own a piece of land and this can be quickly resolved when we check your property line records.

How to handle a homeowner who wrongly claims to own part of your property?

While you might think it’s easy to just pull your property boundary line records, the process is much more in depth. Considerations have to be made to review land surveys, consider the length of use for the property, and determine if the survey reading was performed while the homeowner owned the property. We may have to speak with your neighbor’s attorney, if they have representation, to assess whether their claim involves what’s considered adverse possession. This is a law that entitles them to require a title to a portion of their property based on the number of years that they have resided there. It’s usually ten years or longer.

What’s the best way to proceed with a property boundary line dispute or question?

The best way to proceed is to call us for a FREE consultation at (855) 391-3091. You can also fill out our online form here for more information. When you have a property line dispute, don’t argue with your neighbor. Contact us right away for a fast resolution.

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