Attorney & Broker Malpractice in Upland CA

As with real estate professionals, there has been a rise in the number of attorneys whose ambition seemingly has gotten the better of them. These attorneys tend to practice in areas where there is a significant propensity for fraud. In addition, these attorneys are mainly not hands on for any of the cases that they retain. Often, this leaves the work of the attorney to the legal assistants and other personnel. The result is malpractice in the sense that the attorney, who should review the cases for merit, allows unlicensed personnel to perform attorney services. Unlicensed personnel can make specific promises to clients that they ultimately cannot deliver on. In addition, services can be purposely prolonged, especially when there is a monthly legal fee, in order to unjustly bill clients for work that is not being performed. Attorney malpractice near Upland is a serious problem that needs to be properly addressed.

Malpractice can happen with real estate brokers as well. In times of crises, many come out of the woodwork to offer services that are unrealistic and/or ineffective at best. When an attorney, broker, doctor or any professional that is required to hold a license to practice in their respective field pays little to no attention to those working under them, they can be held negligently liable for their actions or lack thereof. Many attorneys and brokers allow their subordinate employees to conduct themselves in a manner that would legally require a license. Broker and attorney malpractice around Upland can be extremely detrimental to the clients as they rely on the word of these unlicensed persons when making decisions that can affect their lives as well as the lives of their families.  

Licensed professionals are regulated by governmental agencies. These governmental agencies have recovery funds for situations such as the aforementioned. Funds are made available from dues paid into these agencies by the respective licensee. The Law Offices of Phillip Myer, APC can help you bring action against licensed individuals engaging in malpractice nearby Upland CA. Once judgment has been rendered and a monetary award for damages has been granted, if your collections efforts are futile our firm can help you apply to the relevant agency to obtain payment of such damages.

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